Materials & capacities

The section below is a selection of the quality metals we regularly cast using electrical induction & resistance furnaces. We accept both one off and multiple production orders and also have in-house patternmaking facilities. The metals we use are fully certified & certificated. Please note other materials and specs are available to order.
Cast Iron

BS1452, BSEN 1561:1997

Grades 220, 250, & 300, to max wt 1000 kg per casting

SG Iron

BS2789, BSEN 1563:1997

Grades 420/12, 500/7 & 600/3, to max wt 500 kg per casting.


BS3100, BSEN 10293:2005

Grades A1, A2, A3,A6, AW2,AW3, & SAE0022, to max 500 kg per casting.

Stainless Steel

BS3100, BSEN 10283:1999

Grade 316, to max wt 500 kg per casting.


BS1490, BSEN 1676:1997

Grades LM4, LM6, LM9 & LM25 to max wt 300 kg per casting.

Copper Base

BS1400, BSEN 1982:1999

Grades PB2, AB2, LG2, LG4 & HTB1, to max wt 350 kg per casting.

Special tool steels

To European & American Standards


Our ARL spectrometer

We also use our ARL spectrometer in a lot of our projects.

East Coast Casting Brochure

East Coast Casting Brochure

Take a look at our brochure to understand our capabilities and how we can help you. If you have any questions or would like to see more please contact us. Or, download our Fireside Brochure for specific information on our firebacks, grates and dog irons.